joy and thrift store finds


One of my favorite ways to spend a day is thrifting — at charity shops, flea markets, yard sales, or estate auctions. I have no shame that most of the cashmere sweaters filling my cedar chest were purchased for four dollars at the Goodwill or that the 1850 Robert Burns lithograph by James Baillie hanging in our bedroom came to us in a lot of other framed print for twenty-five bucks at an auction or that most of our paperbacks come from the local library’s annual book sale. Some of my finds I resell, but most are put to good use right here at Baldy Hill.

Yesterday, my friend Patty took me to an amazing shop in Lancaster County. This nonprofit charity shop is huge — 26,000 square feet! — and full of wonderful finds at really good prices. Now, to make sure I don’t make any purchases I later regret, I have been using the “does it bring me joy” approach, and the answer must be “yes” before any item makes it into my shopping basket (this approach works really well when decluttering any home space, too).

So what brought me joy yesterday? First, the vintage tin. I have several that my grandmother gave me many years ago — I remember hers always being used to store sewing notions, and now I do the same. 🙂 Next, I found two tops: one long sleeved and linen — perfect for sunny days in the garden — and the second sleeveless and in the sweetest summer print. So yes, definitely joy there (as an unexpected snow falls outside my window this afternoon, such reminders of warm sunny days are much welcome). And lastly, I chose a five-dollar grab basket. The basket itself was large and sturdy (perfect for storing yarn) and it was filled with pretty fabric remnants that I know will get put to good use.  🙂



yarn along


I am joining Ginny’s Yarn Along again this week, sharing what we’re making and reading.

It may still be winter, as evidenced by our garden still hiding beneath a glacier half a meter deep, but I have mentally at least made the shift to spring. Sure, I may be tucked in with a hot water bottle, but my mind drifts with imaginings of daffodils, fresh asparagus, and cotton. 🙂

So with the shop winding down for the season, I am knitting for me for a change — a nice bright airy cheerful cowl using O-wool and a mohair/merino blend. It’s almost finished and I love how it’s turned out. 🙂 Also refreshing our bath with new organic cotton washcloths,,,,

On the reading side, I’ve been working through my stack of magazines this week, again seeking springtime inspiration — on the table, around the homestead, in my closet, for my work. I’m happy to report it’s working. And thankfully spring arrives in just 15 days. 🙂


autumn gold


I spent much of this morning running errands — first to buy paint needed to touch up a kitchen wall after we removed a no-longer-used radiator, then to pick up some carrots to add to the pumpkin soup, and finally “quick” stops at my favorites thrift and reuse shops, where I did not find the bookshelves or desk lamp that I was looking for but did find a couple vintage gems for the shop (where everything is currently discounted 40 percent, btw) and a chair that I didn’t buy but have now decided will indeed be perfect for a corner near the wood stove. Fingers crossed that it’s still there when I return Monday.

When I come back home after these solo trips out, I often find myself full of ideas, fresh with a new perspective, and today was no exception. After I finished the painting, I enlisted James to help rearrange some of the furniture — a chair from the lounge now occupies a corner in my room. Pictures were hung and rearranged. A knitting pattern that I have used to make more than a dozen scarves was reworked to now try a matching hat.

And as if that wasn’t enough goodness for one day, tonight is perhaps my favorite night of the year, turning back the clocks. Oh how I love that extra hour! Precious autumn gold to me, as I stay up an hour later than usual, and then in the morning eagerly take down each timepiece from the wall and move the hands a full circle counterclockwise. Bliss, I tell you. 🙂 Now how to spend that extra hour….

gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • The fine weather the summer solstice brought with it — the garden really appreciates the warmer days!
  • Spending quiet time under the stars with James and the dozing pups
  • Knitting season is just around the corner — how can that be!?!
  • The bouquet of flowers on my desk, all found around growing — and not with much assistance from us — around Baldy Hill


  • The blueberries are turning blue and right on schedule. 🙂 I noted yesterday that a tiny box of organic blueberries costs almost seven dollars at our local supermarket, so all the more grateful for our few homegrown
  • A short week at my day job ahead
  • One of my favorite festivals is on this week in my hometown; if you are at all interested in quilting, check out this year’s winners here
  • James’ help this week to post some new listings in the shop; it was a big help, but we still have many more vintage knitting and crochet patterns to add


  • Itsy bitsy baby cucumbers that will make fine dill pickles in just a few weeks 🙂
  • The moment of spontaneity that I did not resist and ended with my new haircut that was exactly what I needed but hadn’t realized — thank you again, Jake!
  • The warm tub that is waiting to relieve my tired body
  • Finishing this week feeling relaxed, satisfied, and centered for the first time in awhile — very grateful for this indeed!

And what are you grateful for today?