ends and beginnings

Last week I had my last final critiques and portfolio review, and this week is graduation and the beginning of the next chapter. It has been an interesting and thrilling experience, this mid-life career shift that has changed the way I spend my days and see the world. And I am so grateful that this opportunity presented itself to me. It will remain a constant reminder throughout my life that beautiful gifts emerge from what at first seems a great loss.

And so I will miss many of my young classmates, too. I am old enough to be most of their mothers, but age often didn’t factor into our relationships — our common interests in and dedication to color and line and form and mastering the Adobe Creative Suite prevailed.

But I am also so, so ready to start that next chapter, with freelance work already lined up and an online store to launch for fall. To have found the work that to me seems like play is such an unexpected joy to savor. And to be able to create and share more beauty with the world is a purpose I am more than thrilled to jump out of bed for each morning.

Here is the link for my online portfolio (rachelmakingart.com), which I’ll be updating often. 🙂







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