around the homestead


I’ve been parked in my office/studio for the past three days, working on my art and design projects for finals this week — a poster series, chili sauce labels, PSA fliers, a bondo sculpture, and a 3-tiered mylar chandelier. Yeah, I know, a lot, right? But all are in various stages of completion, from 50 to 90%, and although I know I still have a few busy art-absorbed days ahead of me, the end of the semester is definitely in sight. 🙂 My drawing professor from last year often reminded us to take a minute or two every day to just look up at the sky and take it all in. And I try to remember to do this, even on the busiest of days. When I don’t remember, I’m grateful for displays like this almost-sunset above that I catch out of the corner of my eye and make me do a double-take with their beauty.

I’m also grateful when I upload photos from my camera and find others that I had completely forgotten about! Like these two below, from earlier this autumn. This chipmunk is such a regular visitor to our bird feeder that the birds pay him (her?) no attention anymore.


And although we are used to being on “deer watch” as we drive the country roads near our home, it’s unusual to find deer in the garden. But this year, the fallen chestnuts proved irresistible, and we found a steady stream of deer, as many as five at a time, passing through. I love to watch them,  but they did get in trouble when they got into the green tomatoes I’d been saving for chutney, ahem. Still a treat to be able to see them up close, and yet another reason I love living where we do!

Sleep well, and remember to look up at the sky tomorrow, OK? 🙂



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