christmas market


Yesterday was a busy day at the Christmas Market in New Holland. It’s been two years since we first started selling at craft shows, and even though it’s a lot of work to prepare and actually execute well, this introvert has come to enjoy the face-to-face interaction with others. It’s super-fulfilling and satisfying to be able to share our harvest bounty with folks, to receive their positive feedback, and establish relationships with our regular customers who keep coming back for more!

The market hall was full of craft vendors, and we saw a  regular stream of visitors all day. One of the high points for children was the visitor of Mrs. Claus, who entertained them with “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and carol singing before presenting gifts to all from under the tree.


Mrs. Claus’ obvious love of the children and the enthusiasm she shared reminded me much of my grandmother, who was a kindergarten teacher for many years. Like this woman, my grandmother went all out during the Christmas season (and all holidays, really), not in the over-consuming sense, but rather with the spirit and tradition and, of course, making sure the children had a wonderful holiday, creating sweet memories indeed!

Happy Sunday, everyone!



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