advent calendar traditions


The first advent calendars I remember were the ones we received along with our family’s World Book “Christmas in [insert country name]…” series back in the seventies and early eighties. The annual subscription included a handcrafted tree ornament, the beautifully photographed book detailing that year’s featured country’s Christmas traditions, and a paper advent calendar, which my brother and sister and I took turns opening its windows (with our mother refereeing). For small-town kids in an era before mass international travel, those books and ornaments, not to mention the advent calendar, were a highlight of our holiday season and absolutely treasured. In fact, the ornaments still adorn our trees almost forty years later.

And I still think advent calendars are a fun holiday tradition, so this year I picked up one for me and another for James (at 99cents a piece, it was an affordable splurge!). I also am participating in a Kindness Advent Calendar event (details can be found here) because our world can always do with extra kindness, especially at this time of year. If you haven’t a traditional advent calendar this year (or even if you do), why not join the kindness chain!

Happy Friday!


One thought on “advent calendar traditions

  1. I have had, or been given, an advent calendar every year of my life. I’m 46 this year, and my godmother still remembered to send me an advent calendar (it’s actually the front cover of a greeting card) and – miracle of miracles – it arrived on time. For a while I wanted the kind with chocolate; then I learned that the chocolate behind those paper doors is usually cheap or stale or both, and I realized that I don’t need a toy, I enjoy the ritual for its own sake.

    Happy Holidailies.

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