Spring, we love you!


One of my favorite times of year has arrived and I couldn’t be happier! The change in light, the smell of earth in the air, the birdsong all make it impossible not to start the day with a smile. I also, like many, find myself with the desire to clean house, and this afternoon set to straightening and prettying up our porch. I can’t pick up a broom anymore without thinking of our neighbor in Spain, Almudena, who began each and every day with a broom in hand, sweeping down our pedestrianized calle. At this time of year, she and the other women neighbors busied themselves with touching up their home’s whitewash, as all must be in perfect order before Semana Santa and Easter.

The rebirth, the Circle of Life, the light inspire and make all seem possible again after the dark of winter. I feel it — hope you all do too! 🙂