in the garden

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Like many gardeners on the east coast, we spent much time watering the garden last week — hot temperatures, no rain, and young plants are not a good mix. And I’m happy to report our efforts were successful. Unfortunately, when we finally got the much needed rain, it came in overwhelming downpours for several days. But now we’re beginning to dry out and no longer feel waterlogged. I was able to get out in the garden today to do some weeding (note to self: in future, take photos for blog AFTER weeding, not before 🙂 ) and prepare some more ground for planting tomorrow.

Since last week, the first garlic scapes have appeared and today I harvested the first of the radish (French breakfast — yum!). The beets and peas look healthy and vibrant, and the beans should soon be climbing as well. Posy-wise, there are peonies, daisies, lupines, pansies, geraniums, and more gracing our garden with their cheerful colors and gorgeous smells. I could breathe in this air forever. 🙂 But like the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc., I’m hoping for the return of some sunshine and warmer weather in the coming week!


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