gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • a truly glorious month of May — visits with good friends and family, new restaurants to try, a new job for James (which he is really loving so far), our sweet puppy who at 10 months of age had a training breakthrough, when everything we’d been teaching her seemed to suddenly make sense (except for my yarn stash, which she’d still tear apart if given the opportunity 🙂 )
  • the smells of May — to simply breath the air around Baldy Hill these past few weeks has been divine — honeysuckle, lilacs, wisteria, peonies, not to mention the sweet cut grass, wildflowers, lily of the valley….who needs perfume!
  • the return of fresh locally grown produce — nothing is better in May than asparagus by the bunches and box and boxes of strawberries 😉
  • eating lunch on the porch, with little to listen to except for the birds and the bumblebees
  • the best of picnic foods: my mom’s macaroni salad, pickled red beet eggs, and sweet zucchini relish 🙂


  • visits to the garden center for yet another bag of potting soil
  • watching those seedlings grow, grow, grow 🙂
  • the books of Dervla Murphy — just finished The Ukimwe Road, fascinating read as always, and so honest and real. I love her writing.
  • rain, finally some much needed rain!
  • rhubarb custard


  • making time for regular drawing sessions again — feels great!
  • chocolate ice cream cones from the nearby drive-in
  • a rare firework display on Baldy Hill last night, as part of a wedding celebration — beautiful and a wonderful send-off to this lovely month 🙂

in the garden

IMG_3217 IMG_3219 IMG_3220 IMG_3221 IMG_3222

The garden, where we are focusing much of our attention these days. And the combination of warm temperatures and a good, much-needed rain this week have sparked the growing, so much so one would swear they can hear the plants grow. It still seems magical to me, I confess. 🙂

We are ahead of last year’s planting schedule, yet it always seems like there is still so much to do, as new plots are added, including one just for new varieties of heirloom tomatoes we’ve started this season. I am struggling with the young eggplants, as I have done every year, but I am keeping optimistic. The coming days will be spent transplanting peppers we raised from seed — fish, Chinese five-color, Jimmy Nardello sweet Italian, canary, Etuida, bullnose — and planting the next round of salad greens and radishes. And with any luck, much of the planting will be wrapped up in the next week or so, giving us a little breather before the chicks (!!) arrive. 🙂



IMG_3154_2 IMG_3161_2 IMG_3164 IMG_3171IMG_3180_2


This month, how can you not love it! The earth around us has just burst with life and greenness and busyness these past few weeks. And we too follow suit, with digging and planting and tending to seedlings, all the while we pack away the last reminders of winter, swapping heavy furniture and bed covers for lighter ones, roll up carpets and creating a summer “office” on the back porch, where the sweet scents of honeysuckle and wisteria mingle — absolute heaven. I love the early mornings, the fresh asparagus, dog naps in the grass, the birdsong, walking barefoot, sipping iced coffee, wearing sundresses, and getting my hands full of dirt. ::happy sigh:: Have a sweet Monday, folks! 🙂