gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • my BFF Julie, who celebrated her birthday this week. I love her for countless reasons and feel so fortunate to know she’s always by my side, cheering me on in life’s adventures
  • the good fortune that spared our magnolia tree from this past week’s frost. The overnight temperatures fell below freezing in the back garden but did not closer to the house, where the blooming tree stands 🙂
  • checking off three “to do”  items this week on my list for “The Big Thing”, which I still can’t quite reveal but promise I will as soon as everything is finalized 🙂
  • an uneventful checkup with the ophthalmologist
  • the people and critters on this planet that make me laugh every day and even when I don’t think I’m capable of it, these guys never let me down
  • Sunday brunch featuring pancakes (I use this easy recipe), James’ organic blackberry jam topping, and fresh whipped vanilla cream — soooo good!
  • the amazing aid people who dedicate their lives to helping people in the face of natural disasters, as is currently is happening in Nepal. James and I are survivors of the horrific earthquake that hit Pakistan almost ten years ago, and we remain grateful to all who aided in our rescue and kept us safe until that could happen. Please donate to the aid relief, as you’re able — thank you
  • fun afternoon on Thursday taking Leni to visit my mom, who loves her grandpup very much 🙂
  • the lovely folks we met at the Mt Zion AMC’s SpringFling on Saturday — a great event again!
  • the return of green to Baldy Hill — with the space of just a few days this week, there was an explosion of plant life popping from their buds!
  • not to mention, the daffodil blooms, the narcissus, and the bluebells, too 🙂
  • finding this quote, which really resonated with me this week: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” — So true, Mr. Twain, so true.



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