local traffic


After more than three years of birdwatching here at Baldy Hill, we had the good fortune to provide dining services to just about every woodpecker known to these parts except for the Northern flicker. Yet we knew they were in the area because callers on the local weekly radio birding program reported sighting after sighting, causing me to lament (perhaps to the point of whining a bit) to James, “Oh, why don’t the flickers like us?”

Until yesterday — I was in town visiting my parents when I received a text from James, accompanied by a photo he’d just taken. The pic was dark, as the bird was sitting in the afternoon shadow, but it was a flicker, no doubt. And I was ten miles away. Oh well, I could hope he wasn’t just passing through and would be back….

And he was this morning, just a strikingly beautiful as I imagined — the polka-dotted breast and the streak of red across the side of his head, gorgeous! His stay was short, only about 10 minutes, before a grackle moved him along. We of course hope he’ll be back — all birds are welcome — but if not, we’re still really glad he stopped by. 🙂



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