new ground


Like in much of the Northeast, the winter’s snow is receding quickly and we find ourselves amidst a resplendent mud season. It’s our fourth thaw here at Baldy Hill and I’m no longer bothered by the muck or the dogs returning from our walks with filthy bellies from the wet dirt they’ve kicked up along the way. I’ve learned mud season is a bridge we need to cross before we can start spring’s much anticipated digging and planting.

But while the ground here is swampy, the skies have been mostly blue, discolored only by an occasional cloud and the thousands of snow geese that have been streaming overhead this past week. The light has shifted just enough indoors to show off the winter’s overlooked dust bunnies, so our spring cleaning has begun in earnest as well. And in my spare time, I have been exploring some programs that may allow me to go back to school and receive retraining, allowing me to break new ground as well in a different career path.

For now, though, there are still seeds to plant and a bit more waiting time, so we must be patient, no matter how greatly we look forward to the return of color, life, our spring.



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