gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • The opportunity to meet some really great people at the craft show yesterday — always awesome to meet folks with similar loves and interests!
  • American Routes, one of my favorite programs on NPR these days; just heard Mike Cooley of the Drive-by Truckers, one of my all-time fave bands, followed by Marty Robbins, whom my mother saw live many times back in the day — great music for a Sunday evening
  • A yummy pasta bake for dinner tonight; it’s yet another snowy winter day so a belly-warming meal is in order once again 🙂
  • A lighter schedule this week, which will allow me to catch my breath after the super-busy days we’ve had lately
  • Time this afternoon to organize my studio and workspace; I need to do this regularly or else I find it too easy to become distracted, plus I always find things I’d forgotten about — today it was some vintage cotton feed bags 🙂
  • Two hundred years officially of my hometown, which kicked off its bicentennial celebration today!
  • A message from my uncle in Florida — my parents will be visiting him and my aunt later this month and he’s requested some of James’ homemade chutney and other goodies
  • The print I have the painting above. The original is a watercolor by Edmund Henry Garrett called Cottage Garden, Warwick, England and is property now of the Met. I find it difficult to be patient for one’s own garden at this time of year, especially with so much snow on the ground 🙂
  • Leni’s continued uneventful recovery from her spaying op last week — her stitches are scheduled to be removed on Tuesday and then we can finally let her jump and run and dive in snow banks to her heart’s delight
  • Finding a super present for niece’s birthday later this month
  • Health insurance again, starting today! We’re lucky to have overall very good health, but it’s still a relief
  • This fun little book arrived this week for me, thanks to a gift certificate from my brother (thanks again, Peter!)

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