gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • A warm, dry shelter, which is often taken for granted yet is not a given for too many people in the world
  • Hearing from one of my good friends and making plans to reconnect soon
  • Discovering a new diner with James — we missed diners so much when we were living in Spain, so we’re now always on the lookout for good ones 🙂
  • Two major scores on Craigslist! (will be revealing some of the goodies in the coming weeks!)
  • A quiet Valentine’s Day at home with my loves — I wouldn’t want it any other way…
  • Especially as my main squeeze made me samosa-inspired pasties and a blackberry crumble for dinner 🙂
  • These two bluebirds who showed up at our feeder yesterday; they’ve been on the property for several years but always kept their distance. But I reckon the desperate weather conditions changed their minds
  • Much cheaper electric bill than expected!
  • Mugs of hot chai
  • A relaxing but productive afternoon with my parents
  • The folks who have worked so hard this winter again to keep the roads clear of snow and ice
  • The extra bits of daylight that assure us spring is not so very far off, despite the thermometer reading of -2F!

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