No one in this house is a carbophobe, so stale bread is a rare occurrence. However, after James embarked on an (perhaps over-) enthusiastic baking session last week, we found ourselves with more bread products than even us baguette-loving folks could chomp down. Enter one of my favorite Italian peasant-style soups: ribollita. If you’re not familiar, ribollita is essentially a vegetable and bean soup that is thickened using stale bread. Like just about everything these days, there are a gazillion recipes for ribollita available on the Internets; I used this one and followed the ingredient list pretty faithfully, save for swapping vegetable stock for the chicken stock (to keep it vegetarian) and using dried cranberry (or roman) beans because that’s what we happened to have on hand. End result: a delicious, belly-warming soup that any nonna would have been happy to serve up on a snowy February afternoon. 🙂


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