yarn along


Today I am joining Ginny’s Yarn Along, sharing what I have been making and reading this week.

On the “make” front, I am finishing up a new cowl in a gorgeous virgin merino/angora wool, and I just love it. On these gray, cold February days, it feels so good to have lighter weight wool and cotton in brighter hues on my needles. And the excitement of the first spring flings and craft shows rapidly approaching helps spur me on as well. 🙂

My reading pile this week is topped by Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge. I picked up this Pulitzer Prize winner at our local library’s annual summer sale, but the book sat on my shelf untouched until I was reminded of it by Frances McDormand — one of my all-time favorite actors — at the Golden Globe awards. So now I’m really looking forward to reading this highly acclaimed book.



One thought on “yarn along

  1. That’s a really lovely colour, feels very fresh and cheerful. I don’t have that many bright colours in my yarn stash at the moment as I’m still trying to use up leftovers from Winter projects!

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