joy and thrift store finds


One of my favorite ways to spend a day is thrifting — at charity shops, flea markets, yard sales, or estate auctions. I have no shame that most of the cashmere sweaters filling my cedar chest were purchased for four dollars at the Goodwill or that the 1850 Robert Burns lithograph by James Baillie hanging in our bedroom came to us in a lot of other framed print for twenty-five bucks at an auction or that most of our paperbacks come from the local library’s annual book sale. Some of my finds I resell, but most are put to good use right here at Baldy Hill.

Yesterday, my friend Patty took me to an amazing shop in Lancaster County. This nonprofit charity shop is huge — 26,000 square feet! — and full of wonderful finds at really good prices. Now, to make sure I don’t make any purchases I later regret, I have been using the “does it bring me joy” approach, and the answer must be “yes” before any item makes it into my shopping basket (this approach works really well when decluttering any home space, too).

So what brought me joy yesterday? First, the vintage tin. I have several that my grandmother gave me many years ago — I remember hers always being used to store sewing notions, and now I do the same. 🙂 Next, I found two tops: one long sleeved and linen — perfect for sunny days in the garden — and the second sleeveless and in the sweetest summer print. So yes, definitely joy there (as an unexpected snow falls outside my window this afternoon, such reminders of warm sunny days are much welcome). And lastly, I chose a five-dollar grab basket. The basket itself was large and sturdy (perfect for storing yarn) and it was filled with pretty fabric remnants that I know will get put to good use.  🙂



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