gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • Big bowls of curried pumpkin soup, which James made for us last Sunday
  • Dogs and cat all snoozing — peacefully — by the wood stove
  • Discovering some of past stored away in a couple crates in my parents’ basement: If memory serves well, a box or two that I had shipped over to Spain when I first moved there were returned for some reason. My father picked them up at the post office and stored them for me. But years passed, boxes shifted, and so some of possessions sat, untouched, for thirteen years. How fun it was to find them this week! There were photos — actual prints (!) — of trips to Paris, Vienna, San Francisco, London; of James’ apartment in Munich; of a young Bayliss and my first kitty Chloe; of my mother’s sixtieth birthday party, not to mention an old favorite sweater, a vase from a trip to Ireland, a pair of never-worn Birkenstock shoes, some mulling spices from Williams-Sonoma. It was like opening a little time capsule and incredibly good fun 🙂
  • My parents — several of my friends lost parents in 2014, which reminded me how short a time we have together and how lucky I am to have mine so close by now
  • An interesting job lead
  • An incredibly generous gift from our BFFs in Wisconsin 🙂
  • Warming cups of tea
  • Rewatching previous seasons of “Downton,” in anticipation of the new season, and being transported to the era of my grandparents’ early years (who, I hasten to add, grew up in far more humble homes than the grand Abbey!)
  • A rare buttercream-filled doughnut lunch, because sometimes it’s the right thing to do 😉
  • Yarn sales!
  • The return of just a wee bit more light at the end of our days
  • A day of rest, which I insist upon for our Sundays in this new year
  • Restoration of peace in Paris; compassion and love to surround those who lost loved ones this week

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