january 1

I had no intention of disappearing mid-December. However, I had made a promise myself to let go of certain things should the holiday tasks and revelry get to be too overwhelming. And I confess I am happy with myself for doing so — as a result, our holidays were more relaxing AND everyone received their homemade presents on time. A first! 🙂 We also found plenty of time for amazing food and many laughs with family and friends, as well quiet moments to reflect on the time, the year, and formulate dreams for the future.

I don’t know when I’ve had a year like 2014, a year that on paper was full of so many losses and disappointments, but yet still ended December feeling so content, full of great excitement for the coming days, to another 365 chances to get it right, or at least do it a bit better.

May we all find our joy and peace in 2015!


2 thoughts on “january 1

  1. “to another 365 chances to get it right”… My favorite quote of the New Year reads so far. Wonderful! May 2015 bring you as much contentment, but with lesser trials. Those knitted projects are amazing! Love me a sweater with thumb holes!

    Happy New year! xo

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