passing through


One of my favorite by-products of a good snowfall is the tracks left behind by those who pass through Baldy Hill. Of course, there are ongoing glimpses and other signs of the critters that share our fields and woodlands, but never as evident as during winter. On a recent afternoon walk, we found prints human and canine — of course — as well as feline (undoubtedly from “Mittens,” a semi-resident feral barn cat), plus those from a solitary white-tailed deer, hare, opossum, chipmunk, raccoon, and a host of song birds. Paths appeared to cross, even when they didn’t. Some seemed to lead to nowhere, covered over by drifting snow we hope. The animals are all welcome to stay with us over winter, although we know that for many we are only one stop along their journey. Either way, we love them all.


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