loving leni

IMG_2686_2There is much to love about this four-month-and-a-bit-old puppy. Beyond the obvious supercute face, there is such an ebullient personality that drives her actions — one does not chase a ball; one run/hops at full pelt before pouncing and punctuating the move with a final back-leg kick flourish. She smiles at the new day when we go outside for her early morning walk. And the organization skills! She loves to arrange and rearrange her toys both inside and outside her crate. Yesterday I found her sitting on the sofa in a circle of pillows, three nylabones, and two balls — again with a crazyhappy grin on her face, clearly well satisfied with her work.

She’s now up to twenty-four pounds, adding an average of two pounds a week to her morphing frame. We haven’t a clue what she’ll look like in a year from now, but then again that’s how it goes with a mixed breed rescue. I look at photos of Bayliss at the same age, when she looked like a full-on black Lab; it was a month or so later when her tail curled and the long, luscious hair replaced her puppy coat — the end result was a grown dog far more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. We have a feeling the same will be true of Leni as well. 🙂


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