some days


Some days start off rough, with everyone jumping up and down, wanting their needs filled before mama even gets a cup of coffee. On this dreary rainy morning I least poured that cup of coffee before it turned cold, untouched when I found it as I gathered up dishes for washing. Oh well.

It was while I was washing the dishes that I decided to break with tradition. I had planned to head out early for the annual hometown Christmas bazaar that I’ve been attending since I was a girl (and have written about previously here). Normally there would be no question that I would go today, but this year is of course not normal — without my income, spending decisions are made exclusively on need, not want — and so perhaps not surprisingly that I decided to take a pass.

And once I made that decision, the rest of the day began to fall into place. Everyone settled into their own activities (and quite a bit of napping about the wood stove). With order restored, I managed to finish knitting a scarf that needs to mail out to its new owner on Monday. And I also had a long, long catchup phone call with my best friend, who lives too far away in Wisconsin. The kitchen is now filled with the pungent smell of James’ latest project — making up a batch of roasted garlic jam. And I know that I will sleep well, content counting my many blessings as I drift off.



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