The official start of winter is still several weeks away, but it has already looked and felt a lot like winter around Baldy Hill. Even today’s warmer temperatures quickly gave way to a cold, penetrating rain that chills the thick stone walls. For this reason, most of us are spending this first evening of December by the wood stove in the kitchen. Here, I find my sentences forming slowly as I take frequent breaks to play with or correct the four-month-old puppy beside me. Whose favorite game at the moment is chasing the cat, who does little to discourage her, much to the dismay of our elder dog, also known as (Sheriff) Buster, a lover of orderly conduct and no longer much a fan of youthful shenanigans.

The warming corner in the kitchen seems to calm Leni, thankfully, much like the afternoon rains restored a serene stillness to our little corner of the world, where earlier in the day it sounded like Baldy Hill was under siege, this being the first day of deer hunting season. Fluorescent orange is a mandatory fashion accessory for the next two weeks — can’t leave home without it.

Although all the signs are here that the holidays are upon us — including the start of Holidailies today — I am having a hard time looking past Wednesday, my official day of redundancy at work. It is both terrifying and exhilarating to have no clue what turn your life it going to take next, where you’ll be a year from now (at least professionally speaking). I suppose in many ways Christmas and Solstice will look much the same — thankfully, the holiday traditions we hold closest to us are not the sort affected by a dip in income. And no doubt these familiar traditions and rituals will help to steer us through the other uncertainties in the days to come. 🙂


One thought on “december

  1. Happy Holidailies. I’ve been working either in my kitchen (so I can watch our collection of dogs at play) or in my living room next to the fire, even though cold where I live isn’t really cold, but just cold-for-Texas.

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