We are enjoying beautiful days here on Baldy Hill as autumn creeps closer. Despite a cooler summer, the gardens have thrived and produced our largest bounty yet — we shall eat well this winter and for that we are very grateful. We are grateful too that the harvest kept us busy and gave a purpose to our days soon after Bayliss died. There is no app for weeding (that I know of anyway 😉 ) or canning, and so we had to sometimes put our grieving aside and get on with the living.

And we even managed to have a little fun — one last-of-the-summer trip to the beach, picnics, and our favorite chile pepper festival (where James successfully defended his title of jalapeno-eating champ). But the falling leaves and later sunrises remind us that we can no longer put off preparations for winter . . . wood to cut and stack, wool to sort through, apples to collect, and a pantry to organize. Our “simpler” life here also means there is always something to do!

I wouldn’t have it any other way though — almost every day, one of us says, “Man, I love living here.” And the other always agrees. So bring on the fall and pumpkin soups and knitting by the wood fire, and a whole new season to love on Baldy Hill. 🙂

Hoping you are well wherever you are.