gratitude sunday

Baby Boo

Our beautiful Bayliss Lily died this morning, peacefully in her sleep, at the age of 15 and a half. Despite no outward signs or changes in her, for the past few days I sensed her end was coming. I moved my work from the home office to the lounge where she slept. On Friday I stopped weeding in the garden to take a few photos of her as she rested nearby. And last night I slept on the sofa next to her bed. I’m so glad I did.


We’ve been sharing our favorite memories of her since this morning — from her early days at the Front & Chestnut dog park in Philadelphia, to the goat track in Spain, and long walks around Baldy Hill. She had the most soulful eyes and loving spirit, a true beauty inside and out. As one of our Spanish neighbors always said about her, “Ella siempre será el más hermoso perrillo en el pueblo.” And we couldn’t agree more.

baylissOn this sad, difficult day, we are still grateful. We are grateful for each day of her life that we shared, that she was able to live all her days fully, and that she did not suffer in the end, that she died at home with those who loved her. Rest in peace, beautiful girl. Xo.


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