summer days


We are two-thirds into a three-week stay of visitors from the village in Spain we called home for a decade, before we moved to Baldy Hill. Our guests are spending a few days in NYC, which gives us a chance to breathe and savor the stillness of a hot July afternoon.

Early summer is always a busy time for us, with the large vegetable garden to plant and tend to, but this year we also found ourselves with added tasks of sprucing up the homestead so that it looked its best for our friends. Since their arrival, the (freshly painted) porch has become our sitting room, a place to gather, eat, and catch up on more than two years of stories and village news.


Last week, we were lucky to spend by the sea. I love this precious time each year — the long morning bike rides, shell collecting, swimming through waves, the smell of suntan lotion, fun nights on the boardwalk, remembrances of family vacations many years ago.

Life will return to “normal” for us early next week, after we leave our friends at the airport, although we still have much to show them of our new/old corner of the world — baseball games, July 4th celebrations, and a quick trip to the mountains. And more lemonade sipping and firefly watching too. 🙂


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