I must apologize for disappearing for a little while. It wasn’t intended, but our little family has been busy adjusting to a new normal for us, as James started his new job in mid-March. Plus, in the fading winter, our attention turns toward the planting season, which means I spend hours in the tiny greenhouse tending to the fragile new life that will eventually fill our bellies in the coming months. April is also always celebration filled, with my birthday to mark (46 — how did that happen!?!), not to mention day trips and a house to spring clean.

During this time away, I have also spent time reflecting on happiness and fulfillment and new directions and how I most want to pass my days — normal naval-gazing sort of stuff. 🙂 This resulted in boxes of donations to charity shops, shelves cleared until I decide what I now want to fill the empty spaces (thankfully my husband is very tolerant of this practice), and a mild obsession of checking the sugar contents of just about everything I consume (22 g in yogurt — horrible!!). I also took a social media hiatus for awhile, as I often find its constant buzz distracting and needed to find a way to better balance my online time.

But on this glorious first day of May, I feel much like the fresh air I breath in, baptized by April’s final day of rain showers, the green new life shooting up through my pores, drawn out by the afternoon sun warming our porch, where the dogs nap and I read and dream again.


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