gratitude sunday


gratitude β€” the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • A bit of warmer weather and sunshine, which helped to reduce our snow piles by half; it’s still more than a foot deep though, but progress nonetheless!
  • An unexpected grace day on Friday, which allowed me to catch up on some tasks I’d been putting off
  • Each day we share with our animals, especially the older ones — our dogs turn 15 and 13 this year, and so their time with us seems all the more precious…especially this week when a close friend had to part with her own senior dog. We make sure to give them extra hugs and kisses, a massage to the oldest, a game of fetch with the younger
  • Some exciting news for James — he received a job offer this week! His first permanent work since he finally got his green card 20 months ago, and in a field that promises to challenge and excite him. We’re both thrilled πŸ™‚
  • Garden planning season is upon us! Seed sorting, ordering, researching occupy my spare hours, as we’re a little bit behind schedule — we need to start planting the early seeds next week
  • This winter may seem long and indeed is one of our snowiest, but it has also been one of the prettiest and peaceful here @ Baldy Hill


  • This guy was still spotted at our bird feeders this week; I know he’ll be off on his way come spring, and we’ll surely miss him. But it was wonderful to spend the winter in his company
  • Spring IS coming — and we could hear it in the return of birdsong this week πŸ™‚
  • Watching Mittens, a neighbor’s barn cat that seems to have adopted our barn as her home this winter, enjoy a day-old blueberry scone that James had put out for the birds — one happy kitty
  • Being able to be there for my mother, when my parents received some difficult news (but they’ll be OK)
  • An important meeting at work that I was charged with leading went well and was very productive
  • Being reminded of Anais Nin’s oh-so-true quote, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Indeed.

One thought on “gratitude sunday

  1. So many lovely things. Congratulation to James on the new job. I know that must have been thrilling news! I was shaking my head in agreement with the extra loving for the older animals. Our Prissy will be 13 this 9/11. She sleeps alot now and snores like a mad woman, but every once in a while we see the frisky little girl that we used to laugh at. They become such a total part of your family. It is hard to see them age. Have a great week!

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