spicy noodles


The snow is coming down fierce, and we’re already close to the 12-inch total accumulation originally forecast, with many more hours to go. Even the local meteorologists seem surprised by the ferocity of the storm. Oh well, nothing to do except be glad that we are snug as a bug indoors looking out at the beautiful white landscape. Occasionally one of us ventures out to top up to the birds’* food supply, shaking snow out of the suet holders and feeders. But other than that, my plan is to stay close to the fire.

But what to eat. On our eighteenth snow event of this long winter, the usual soups and chiles and baked pasta are starting to become routine. So I decided to warm up with spicy noodles today. Ginger, garlic, chili — one of my all-time favorite combos — heated in a touch of sesame oil and then stir-fried up with carrots, edamame, tofu, collards, green onions, and cooked ramen. Perfect bellywarmer for this deep wintery day. 🙂

*At the feeder today: juncos, field and house sparrows, red-bellied woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, male pheasant, Carolina chickadee, sapsucker, northern mockingbird, blue jays, pair of cardinals, mourning doves, starlings, nuthatch



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