gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • The warmer temperatures the past few days, which managed to melt some of the snow that seems to have been around forever. Of course, weather forecasts are for another three to six inches of snow tomorrow….
  • My new favorite snack food, Chia Pop (I really like the sea salt and cracked pepper variety) — very more-ish
  • Celebrating James’ birthday this week — we had a simply festive lunch with my mom before he had to head off for work
  • A dinner out the next night to properly mark his birthday at one of our favorite spots — the service is always so friendly and the food fresh and delicious (I love the tofu and veggie bento box, yum)
  • A Victoria sponge (gotta love a husband who bakes his own cake), filled with cream and some of our own wild raspberry jam 🙂
  • The Pete Seeger tribute at the UU church today; a special music service had been planned, before his death this week, but much of the service was revised last minute and turned into a singalong of some of his classics — wonderful
  • Yarn clearance sale (at Craftsy) + a great find of O-wool on eBay = happy knitter 🙂
  • download 2
  • February = love month. Not all the Valentine’s Day hype, mind you. Just trying to put love first and foremost in our lives, with our words, actions, and thoughts
  • The genius of Philip Seymour Hoffman — It feels strange sometimes to mourn those who we have never met, but I have been sad even since I learned of Hoffman’s death earlier today. Such a great talent, such amazing performances — Magnolia, Capote, and State and Main are just a few of my favorites. ::Sigh::
  • A warm bed to crawl into tonight — I am ready to rest and make tomorrow a better day

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