gratitude sunday


gratitude β€” the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • Having lunch with my friend Patty on Monday — catching up and sharing notes about our lives was wonderful; I am fortunate to have her in my life
  • Be passed some good perspective about fear — it’s just our imagination misbehaving; much better to channel our mind wanderings in more positive creative ways πŸ™‚
  • Back to the yoga mat after vacation — felt great!
  • Beginning to plan with my sister and niece our next “girls day” in NYC — looking forward to it already
  • Many new visitors to the blog — many thanks for stopping by and for your comments, which area always appreciated πŸ™‚
  • Surviving the polar vortex crazy cold weather early in the week, which then led to an even more crazy high of 61F yesterday — global weirding, for sure
  • Nice long phone chat with my brother this evening; hoping to see him face to face soon!
  • Many bowls of pasta e ceci (I use this recipe) this weekend
  • The flood of memories this soup evoked — Growing up when/where I did, chickpeas were not part of our regular diet; in fact, my only exposure to them was at the (rather lame) salad bar at the one Italian restaurant on the outskirts of town. But I can’t remember anyone ever actually eating them. Fast forward to 1988/1989 and I am now studying abroad and living in Seville, Spain with a divorced woman, Pastora, and her three children. As a single mother, Pastora lived on a tight budget and therefore the food she served us would be classified today as peasant food — lots of beans, some pasta, meat and fish for flavoring more than anything else, basic salads, and fruit for dessert. And it was Pastora who introduced me to chickpeas (and my beloved lentils), which she served in a simple broth with rice or egg pastina at least once or twice a week. Even now, 25 years later, this soup always makes me think of Pastora and the amazing 6 months I shared with her and her family
  • Remembering that sometimes, even when we’re really tired or would much rather be doing something else, it is best to do the thing that is going to make another person feel so much better
  • Being excited about a new little project, which I’ll update more about later in the week πŸ™‚
  • Holding hands with someone you love

5 thoughts on “gratitude sunday

  1. Global wierding here in Alabama too! -7 one day, three days later mid 50’s. My favorite is holding hands with someone you love. What a great list! Have a lovely week.

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