and for insurance


I am not a superstitious person, but where food and good omens meet I can be found. And so I love to indulge and eat good luck foods on New Year’s Day. This year, we started with bagels and clementines for breakfast — both round foods, which are good luck symbols of “coming full circle.” For our mid-day meal, we tapped into the local PA Dutch traditions and had sauerkraut, with pork for James (extra happiness) and long noodles (an Asian New Year’s food to spur longevity) for me. In the evening, we traveled South and made a meal of garlicky collard greens (symbolizing greenbacks) and golden cornbread (the corn kernels representing gold nuggets; I mainly followed this recipe), plus a quick side trip to Italy for lentils and brown rice for another dose of wealth and good health. Whew, I do believe we have covered all bases — and enjoyed some serious yummy goodness along the way. πŸ™‚

Now on this second day of 2014, our focus turns toward preparing for a snowstorm and frigid temperatures. And with James working extra hours at the ski resort (truthfully, I’m not sure he’s going to make it home this evening, given the current forecast), the chores fall to me — extra wood to bring in, a fire to tend to, bird feeders to keep topped up, more goodies to bake (seems like the perfect time to crank up the oven, no?), a path to shovel through the piling snow…. There is far more traffic on our usually quiet country road today, as people run last-minute errands before the brunt of the winter weather arrives later this afternoon. For now, the trees stand silent but the gray-white skies tell us all we need to know.


2 thoughts on “and for insurance

  1. I though we were the only ones who did this anymore…I am from Alabama, so it was black-eyed peas, spicy seasoned turnip greens and cornbread! Best wished to you in 2014!

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