january 1, 2014


O welcome 2014, this great year I know you are going to be! I do so look forward to the 365 days before us, not because 2013 was a year I’d like to soon forget. No, rather, it is because of the lessons that this past year taught us that I know I am infinitely better prepared to manage the challenges that may lay before us in the coming months. I have learned much from people whose paths have crossed mine, from nature, from the persons and animals who make up my family. I cherish all these relationships, fleeting and forever ones, and the support they provide me throughout my days.

I have many plans and projects for 2014 that excite me greatly. There are the Etsy shops to expand, a garden to plant (and shockingly soon, too, as the recent flood of seed calendars reminds me), friendships to nurture, a home to care for, stories to tell, photos to take, not to mention the knitting and sewing piles! Plus books to read, travels to plan, new recipes to try…. Yes, 2014 is going to be a very good year indeed! To all, our best wishes for a year full of peace and love.


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