boxing day


Look at the handsome fellow who showed up at Baldy Hill on Christmas Day! Last year, you may remember, we welcomed a pheasant hen that sheltered around the homestead for much of the winter. But we had never seen a male so close to home — gorgeous he is, I tell you.

One of my favorite days has arrived, Boxing Day. Not a special day I celebrated until I met my English husband, I now embrace this holiday. After weeks of trying to get it all done, I relish in this quiet day at home, still pajama clad with no plans of changing. There are new books to read, plenty of leftovers, and any messes can wait until tomorrow to be picked up, I say. 🙂

I’ll be taking a break for the next week, to spend more time with family and to luxuriate in my year-end holiday. I leave you with some of our “best of” photos, which appear in our Baldy Hill Homestead 2014 calendar, as well as wishes that you too relish in the glow of this holiday season. See you again in 2014!













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