breakfast poha


With winter’s early arrival, and thus the instinctual desire for hearty, warming comfort foods, I found myself in a discussion with my cousin, who was looking for alternative oatmeal partners beyond the traditional honey, berries, maple syrup, apples…. I told him about poha — or rice flakes — one of my favorite discoveries of my time spent in India. The cooked rice flakes have a consistency not unlike oatmeal and other heated breakfast cereals, and paired with savory spices like asafoetida, turmeric, not too mention chilies — poha has become one of our favorite winter breakfasts.

A trip to an Indian grocery or international section of your supermarket may be necessary, but otherwise, poha is simple to prepare. I follow this basic recipe, and then add additional vegetables — like peas and red bell pepper — as we fancy. And lots of fresh cilantro on top. 🙂


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