why this busy elf knits


Although we decided to scale back on the Christmas gifts this year, there are still a few special presents to make, plus the past week has been very busy at the shop, too (four hats to finish and mail out!). So the needles have been knitting and purling at a pretty hectic pace (and my yarn stash needs some organizing too!). The rush can be a bit stressful but knitting always relaxes me. Even the unraveling of mistakes has an even rhythm to it that I find smooths out the reality of the missed stitch and work that will need to be redone.

i think knitting for me also keeps alive a connection to my grandmothers, both of whom crocheted beautifully (something I still aim to learn myself). Well into her nineties, my one grandmother was still earning a bit of money here and there by selling her handmade dishcloths and tea towels. We celebrated our last Christmas with her six years ago, and the last of her crocheted gifts to us are now faded and showing their age. But we hang them and use them just the same to honor her and her arthritic, but well-manicured (always pastel pink), fingers forming the single and double chains from memory.

And so yes, I may look forward to giving my own worn-out fingers a (brief) rest in a couple weeks, but today I knit on.





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