autumn gold


I spent much of this morning running errands — first to buy paint needed to touch up a kitchen wall after we removed a no-longer-used radiator, then to pick up some carrots to add to the pumpkin soup, and finally “quick” stops at my favorites thrift and reuse shops, where I did not find the bookshelves or desk lamp that I was looking for but did find a couple vintage gems for the shop (where everything is currently discounted 40 percent, btw) and a chair that I didn’t buy but have now decided will indeed be perfect for a corner near the wood stove. Fingers crossed that it’s still there when I return Monday.

When I come back home after these solo trips out, I often find myself full of ideas, fresh with a new perspective, and today was no exception. After I finished the painting, I enlisted James to help rearrange some of the furniture — a chair from the lounge now occupies a corner in my room. Pictures were hung and rearranged. A knitting pattern that I have used to make more than a dozen scarves was reworked to now try a matching hat.

And as if that wasn’t enough goodness for one day, tonight is perhaps my favorite night of the year, turning back the clocks. Oh how I love that extra hour! Precious autumn gold to me, as I stay up an hour later than usual, and then in the morning eagerly take down each timepiece from the wall and move the hands a full circle counterclockwise. Bliss, I tell you. 🙂 Now how to spend that extra hour….


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