gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • Discovering I had made an error balancing the checkbook and that we actually had more money in our account than I thought (for once!)
  • Finally unpacking the last of the boxes in my office/studio/playroom/den — it’s amazing to finally feel moved in 🙂
  • A relatively quiet work week without any crises, something that has been a rarity the past few months
  • Homemade tomato soup + grilled cheese + freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on a cold autumn day = happiness
  • Making up after a stupid disagreement
  • Having the tremendous good fortune of attending a live performance of Selected Shorts @ Symphony Space in NYC with amazing readings by Gabriel Byrne (!!!), Stockard Channing (who really was extraordinary), and Rebecca Naomi Jones — so inspiring to witness such talent at work (and from the 5th row)
  • Relief after finding my iPhone had been safely returned by some lovely person to the Lost & Found window at the theatre
  • Fun visit from my sister and niece this weekend
  • The generous and sensitive spirit of my niece, who decided to eat in the dining room when the rest of us were in the kitchen because she wanted to keep Bayliss (our geriatric dog who fast asleep in her bed there) company
  • Unpacking forgotten treasures, like the worry stone my friend Chris gave me 12 years ago
  • Remembering Mary Anne, who would have turned 82 tomorrow, Armistice Day — we miss you, dear friend. I never pick up “Irma” from the pile of cookbooks without thinking of you
  • Our wood stove, which has done a super job of keeping us all toasty warm this week, as evidenced below 🙂IMG_1643

gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • Our Toyota passed its annual state inspection this week (and without too high of a bill!)
  • The “extra” hour this weekend, which I wisely used by sleeping in an extra hour today 🙂
  • The gift from our neighbor of a barely used food dehydrator, and wow has James been busy ever since! I think my favorite is the garlic powder made from our homegrown garlic — so good!
  • Saturday morning thrifting
  • Feeling more at home during the weekly UU services I’ve been attending; it’s been a long time since I had a church family and it’s nice to feel like I’ve finally found one again


  • The Enchanted Forest that surrounds our home. It is a special place, full of surprises, like the older man whose path I crossed today on my afternoon walk with Buster. He too was out walking, but dressed like a Bavarian (yes!) and playing a harmonica. I’ve never seen him before, and I don’t know how he found these woods. But I’m awfully glad he did
  • Lunch of pumpkin soup with biscuits, hot from the oven
  • Remembering to breathe before speaking
  • Finding some of my favorite yarn on sale (so ordered a few new colors)
  • The love of my husband and little Baldy Hill family — it can be easy to take those closest to us for granted sometimes, but each day we are together is a blessing. And for that I am very grateful 🙂

autumn gold


I spent much of this morning running errands — first to buy paint needed to touch up a kitchen wall after we removed a no-longer-used radiator, then to pick up some carrots to add to the pumpkin soup, and finally “quick” stops at my favorites thrift and reuse shops, where I did not find the bookshelves or desk lamp that I was looking for but did find a couple vintage gems for the shop (where everything is currently discounted 40 percent, btw) and a chair that I didn’t buy but have now decided will indeed be perfect for a corner near the wood stove. Fingers crossed that it’s still there when I return Monday.

When I come back home after these solo trips out, I often find myself full of ideas, fresh with a new perspective, and today was no exception. After I finished the painting, I enlisted James to help rearrange some of the furniture — a chair from the lounge now occupies a corner in my room. Pictures were hung and rearranged. A knitting pattern that I have used to make more than a dozen scarves was reworked to now try a matching hat.

And as if that wasn’t enough goodness for one day, tonight is perhaps my favorite night of the year, turning back the clocks. Oh how I love that extra hour! Precious autumn gold to me, as I stay up an hour later than usual, and then in the morning eagerly take down each timepiece from the wall and move the hands a full circle counterclockwise. Bliss, I tell you. 🙂 Now how to spend that extra hour….

shifting light


The late afternoon light is bright through my front window, bouncing color off the blue-tinted mason jar used to hold pebbles and other little bits I pick up on my wanderings — a tiny pine cone, a plastic bird whistle, a smooth shell. While the beams cut through the glass panes, the room warms and takes on a semitropical feel, but as soon as the sun arcs over the hillside, the light quickly fades and I soon reach for my wool blanket.

Another November is upon us. Our first frost a couple weeks ago put our garden officially to rest, save the spinach, chard, and tatsoi that soldier on. Our larder is full — very full — and we feel very blessed and grateful for a such a productive growing season.

We are now busy preparing for the “dark” season, although I never have thought of winter this way. I like the return indoors when the temperature dips, the rows of stacked wood, unpacking sweaters from the cedar chest. I love a snowy landscape, steaming mugs of chocolate, icicles sparkling…. Perhaps it’s easier to romanticize winter when its true grip is still a way off. But that’s the beauty of November, isn’t it?