gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • The fine weather the summer solstice brought with it — the garden really appreciates the warmer days!
  • Spending quiet time under the stars with James and the dozing pups
  • Knitting season is just around the corner — how can that be!?!
  • The bouquet of flowers on my desk, all found around growing — and not with much assistance from us — around Baldy Hill


  • The blueberries are turning blue and right on schedule. 🙂 I noted yesterday that a tiny box of organic blueberries costs almost seven dollars at our local supermarket, so all the more grateful for our few homegrown
  • A short week at my day job ahead
  • One of my favorite festivals is on this week in my hometown; if you are at all interested in quilting, check out this year’s winners here
  • James’ help this week to post some new listings in the shop; it was a big help, but we still have many more vintage knitting and crochet patterns to add


  • Itsy bitsy baby cucumbers that will make fine dill pickles in just a few weeks 🙂
  • The moment of spontaneity that I did not resist and ended with my new haircut that was exactly what I needed but hadn’t realized — thank you again, Jake!
  • The warm tub that is waiting to relieve my tired body
  • Finishing this week feeling relaxed, satisfied, and centered for the first time in awhile — very grateful for this indeed!

And what are you grateful for today?


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