gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

  • The week started out painfully hard, but thankfully got better with each passing day
  • Somehow finding the strength to say what I’ve needed to say for a long time; I feel like we might be moving forward
  • Reminders that keep us focused on what really matters
  • Fabulous chana saag curry Friday night
  • Making plans with a new friend


  • Our niece’s first recital — so glad we all could be there for her 🙂
  • Peonies! Roses! Beautiful flowers, beautiful fragrance, just a few steps from the house
  • Kisses from our Buster Bubba, the best loverboy pup you could ever want
  • Dinner with the family at Gary and Dell’s yesterday
  • First peas harvested from the garden!


  • And today James cut the first garlic scapes, yum!
  • Getting most of my paperwork in order (although the piles do seem to be growing again, err)
  • Finding some time for me on my yoga mat again; always like returning to a long-lost friend
  • Coconut cream pie
  • The warm bath that is waiting for me

And what are you grateful for today?


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