garden report 1


One of the greatest joys of living on Baldy Hill undoubtedly has been the garden. Sure, we have always had gardens, but never the luxury of space that we are fortunate to have now. Having dug — by hand — most of our beds last year (we have decided to add just a few more), our spring planting this year seems less hurried — and less harried for that matter. 🙂

It’s such an exciting time of year for us, as we dig and fork and marvel at the fertility of the soil. We are amateurs but enthusiastic nevertheless.


So far, we’ve planted peas and many varieties of beans — fava, garbanzo, kidney, black-eyed peas, azuki, pinto. James has also put in some corn and squash using a local Native American technique as a little experiment. The garlic planted last fall is doing well — already excited for that harvest, even if still months away! 🙂



gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

  • A week-long birthday celebration helped ease the mixed feelings I had about my 45th
  • A visit from my brother’s family
  • The burst of blooms from the magnolia tree; it seems like we had to wait forever this year
  • Warm wishes from faraway friends (who we always keep close in our hearts)
  • Major thrifting scores at the Goodwill and Salvation Army
  • More seeds sprouted and planted — the early garden continues to grow
  • One cottontail rabbit has been trapped and “relocated” several miles away, far away from our peas and beans
  • Egg salad sandwiches
  • Being reminded to “Look for the helpers. You’ll always find people who are helping.” — (Mr.) Fred Rogers, on what to do when scary things happen.
  • Superfun evening with my husband Friday night at the Musikfest Cafe
  • Where we enjoyed a great comedy set by Marc Maron, who succeeded to make us all laugh when the week’s events seemed determined to do otherwise. For that we are so very grateful

changing winds


And then after so much winter, the winds shifted and spring finally arrived. Its signs are everywhere here at Baldy Hill Homestead — pots of seeds on the kitchen counter, flip-flops on my feet, snoozing dogs on the lawn, cotton instead of wool on my knitting needles, daylight that stretches past 7 o’clock.


James has been busy planting peas and several varieties of beans. We grew kidney beans on a whim last year and had great success with them, so we decided to go full out this year — chickpeas, azuki, edamame. The expansion means additional plots will need to be dug, but we’re ready. The warm sun on our backs feels sooo good. 🙂