yarn along

I’m finally back for Ginny’s Yarn Along. It’s been a busy few weeks here at Baldy Hill, but we have been making! 🙂 Remember the scarf I was last working on?  Well, soon thereafter I realized I probably didn’t have enough yarn for a full scarf, but I did have enough for a few cowls. Ta-da!


Then, I got to work on a red chunky cashmerino hat, perfect for February and brightening up these gray days.


And lastly, there has been a bit of stash work to make room for some of the spring/summer yarns I ordered, specifically coffee cozies like this one:


All are currently available in the shop here.

As far as reading, there’s been perhaps less reading this week and more ogling the photos in this book, which was gifted by my brother to James for his birthday. James has been making all of our bread and bagels for the past four years or so, and he really has become quite the baker, much to my delight. His latest, using the recipe for the same loaf on the book’s cover:



Success! Once it cooled, we both had a small slice with a bit of butter — heaven! 🙂




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