I’ve not been by here often of late, and I suppose I’ve been a bit preoccupied with my thoughts. Then again, winter is our reflective season, is it not? The hours in darkness, the weather disagreeable, often keeping us indoors. Our house is still and quiet, save the crack of the fire.

I came across this article yesterday on the regrets of dying people, and it gave me much to think about as I sipped my afternoon tea. The most common regret was not having lived a life true to themselves but rather the life others expected. Wow. See, I often remind myself of the importance of this, this following my own path, but for some reason seeing it right up there at number 1 really affected me.

And helped me begin to see the solution to the problem I’ve been wrestling with for the past couple weeks. In my gut I knew the advice being given me wasn’t sitting well, didn’t feel right, wasn’t something I could do and ever feel good about, no matter how positive the outcome. This morning I began to dig deeper, and voila! The answer practically fell into my lap. There was another route we could take, a person whose beliefs and practices better matched our own (in this case a holistic veterinarian for Bayliss).

I shared what I found with James, and he immediately agreed, but said, “Although you do realize people will just think we’re a bunch of hippies.” And we laughed. Whatever people want to think or call us, so be it. I prefer to think of us as thinkers who plan to die with few regrets.




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