reflections, new year wishes

Another journey marker is before us, as we close the chapter on our own personal 2012s and begin to look toward the unknowns of 2013. It can be a day of mixed emotions, as we take stock of the past 365 days, maybe wondering how did we possibly arrive again here so fast! One thing I’ve learned this year is that life will only begin to slow down when you do. And even then, there still never seems to be enough time.

I try to find time each December end to create my own private “top 10” list of the past year and to dream about plans for the coming months. I haven’t finished 2012’s list yet, but I know a couple shoo-ins. One would be James finally receiving his green card. Anyone who knows anyone who has gone through this process knows how difficult and stressful it can be. My one recommendation from our experience is to contact your Congressperson for assistance in processing applications. James’ initial paperwork languished unassigned and unreviewed for six months before we contacted our local US representative, whose immigration liaison pushed for approval within forty-eight hours. When the card — and yes, it really is green — arrived, we celebrated with much flag waving and a bottle of bubbly. 🙂

On the personal front, I feel accomplished for finally opening the Etsy shop I’ve talked about for the past couple years. It’s been a fantastic experience thus far, and James and I are so excited about our plans for additional stores in the coming year.

And so we have completed our first cycle of seasons here at Baldy Hill. I know that some friends and family question our reasons for choosing this simple, borderline primitive, home, but, for us, this photographic summary to mark year one says it all. 🙂

Wishing you and yours a new year full of love and peace. May your journey be smooth, and when not, may you find the strength and courage to manage the difficult days as well.

HAPPY 2013!



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