gratitude sunday


gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness

On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for:

  • Almond snowman cookies from Trader Joe’s, yum!
  • A long holiday break from my day job
  • And being able to sleep in past 4 am as a result πŸ™‚
  • Fun Saturday night with James — Indian/Pakistani food first, followed by Christmas lights, carol concert, and model train display
  • Bayliss leaning against me as I knit (and knit and knit)
  • My husband’s help with all the Christmas preparations — he’s written most of the cards this year, a major relief for me
  • Discovering an entire box of vintage tree decorations I had completely forgotten about
  • Sierra Nevada Celebration ale
  • Witnessing a beautiful random act of kindness by a coworker, as she paid the bill for an elderly man who found himself a little short of cash at the grocery store; he was ever so grateful
  • A reminder that this season can be difficult for people, for reasons we may or may not be aware of, from Geoff Livingston: “We all struggle, we all have our crosses to bear. None of us are as perfect as we seem online or in our business meetings or at social affairs. Hardships vary greatly. Any of us can lose that job and/or find ourselves in a pinch. Sanity is not a guarantee, either. Home life can be difficult.” Empathy and humility should not be overlooked now, or ever
  • Stepping away from the technological world for a few days to spend these special days with my little family
  • Winter is here! πŸ™‚

And what are you grateful for today?


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