seven days to peace


Our countryside has been heavy with fog since Friday, befitting of all our moods really. It’s been such a sad time, and I’ve struggled to keep any semblance of holiday cheer despite the twinkly faery lights and balsam pine fragrance all around. Christmas just wasn’t supposed to be like this.

And it’s so sad to see many people bitterly arguing about what should be done to keep horrific acts from happening again. If only the answer were so simple; if only a Facebook post or two really were the magic salve we need to cure our society’s ills.

I too have been despairing, finding myself with too many things to do and not enough time to finish everything before next Tuesday. Of course, this stress is mostly of my own making, and I am angry at myself for not listening that precious inner voice (that always does know best) before overcommitting at the one time of year I most want to relax and savor time together with my little family.

This afternoon I finally had the overdue heart-to-heart with myself, and together we reworked and reprioritized the “to do’ list so that sanity and peace have been restored at Baldy Hill. Tonight there will be cocoa and tree trimming and carol playing, as we take the first tender steps toward reclaiming this holiday. We have only seven days.




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