yarn along


Today I am participating in Ginny’s weekly Yarn Along, sharing what currently occupies our knitting needles and reading pile.

On the needles, another cashmere/merino hat. I’ve made a lot of these this holiday season. They’re quick to knit, they’re superversatile, and they’re really soft and warm. I’m finishing this one tonight to send off to a friend in Germany. Oh, and the pile of scarves still awaits their ends woven in — plenty of time for that before Christmas, I say! 🙂

On the reading table, Killer Stuff and Tons of Money: An Insider’s Look at the World of Flea Markets, Antiques, and Collecting by Maureen Stanton. This book has been fascinating so far, although I’m dismayed to hear of the deception among some dealers, the Chinese reproductions, and the professional forgers out there. I’m a flea market/thrift store/auction junkie, so I concur with the review quote on the book cover — “an intoxicating read” — and I’m learning much at every sitting with this book. Recommended reading for all pickers indeed.



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