bronze age


I took a break from blogland yesterday to spend some quality time with my husband. Our marriage managed to sail through the notoriously difficult “seven-year itch” waters, and so December 10th we celebrated the start of our eighth year together as man and wife.

Our marriage didn’t come by us easily, and each day presents us with new challenges. We are both strong-willed opinionated sorts who waste too much precious time debating the proper use of a tea towel and who misplaced the pruning shears. To be fair, in these eight years, we have also had to deal with, what some days seems like more than our fair share of, close scares, tragedies, and disappointments — surviving the 7.6 earthquake in Pakistan, skin cancer, vision loss, not being able to have a child, long-term unemployment, months living apart because of our work, deaths of good friends and beloved family — hard, hard stuff that takes a lot of work to process and move on from.

Which is all the more reason we are determined not to let these special days, this special month of December, pass us by without taking the time to reflect and acknowledge their deeper significance. And so James and I now enter our Bronze Age with renewed vows of faith, love, and kindness to one another and the magnificent life and world we share.




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