on the table


James and I love to cook, but we have different approaches. He really gets into the process, whether grinding his own spices, baking bread, or making kimchi. I, on the other hand, am far more concerned with the result — and how it tastes! 🙂 Which is why I think I gravitate toward simpler “peasant” dishes that are rich in flavor.

Like baked eggs. Technically eggs baked in pipérade, which is a spicy tomato sauce popular in the Basque region of Spain. Pipérade is easy to make — just fry up some onion, chopped pepper, garlic in olive oil with a dash of cayenne before adding diced tomatoes. If in a rush, you can easily use any jarred tomato sauce.

After the sauce is prepared, spoon it into a baking dish of whatever size is required. I often use individual ramekins, but I also have made these for a brunch in a larger casserole. The bottom of the baking dish should be covered with sauce and then add a bit more. Next crack two eggs (per person) over the sauce, add a little grated cheese if you’d like, and then whack in the oven at about 375F for 15-25 minutes, depending how hard you like your eggs. Serve with crusty bread. So easy, so good — enjoy! 🙂


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