“hey, unto you a child is born”


It’s been a long, but fruitful, day. Before turning in for the night, I would like to share some of the books that end up on my reading pile each holiday season. Some are books (and a few movies) that I loved as a child, some were favorites of my husband growing up that I’ve come to treasure as well, and others I discovered on my own as an adult. Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy!

  • The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” was first read to me by my fourth grade reading teacher. The tale of the horrible Herdmans and their antics makes me laugh more than thirty years later. Gladys as the angel, shouting “Hey!” Imogene weeping over the baby Jesus doll. A classic.
  • “The House Without a Christmas Tree,” both the book and the television movie (with Jason Robards), makes me weepy as an adult. As child, I related well with Addie on many levels. Beautiful story, and I love her grandmother, the “Character.”
  • “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” was introduced to me by James. Love the book, and the movie is a “must watch” every December. The fire in the parlor, his uncles and aunties — wonderful!
  • “The Snowman,” an animated short movie, James and I both love. The beautiful illustrations, the charming snow-covered English countryside, the music. A Joy.
  • “The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding,” I have read this novelette every December for the past eight or nine years, having picked it up at a used book sale. It’s Agatha at her most delicious.  🙂

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