under a blue, blue sky


According to the calendar, I should have been indoors this afternoon, working on Christmas gifts, much of which have yet to advance to even the “works in progress” stage. Although I have vowed to finish them all this year BEFORE Christmas morning.

But no, global weirding sent the thermometer to an almost-unheard of 70F, and I found myself in my little “experimental” garden plot, finishing some winterizing tasks that were postponed by last week’s snowfall. (The “experimental” plot is my own little rebellion against my husband’s fastidious gardening practices; I prefer lazy gardening methods, putting more trust in the soil and the plants to do their thing.) It felt strange to be outdoors wearing only a light fleece instead of heavy woolies, but the warm earth smelled delightful as I forked it over under this gorgeous sky.

Baldy Hill Homemade had its first sale (and I was contacted by a second person for a custom order), which was an exciting and satisfying bonus. 🙂

A balmy December day, a productive and rewarding Monday (most unexpected) — I shall sleep well tonight.


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